To Be Happier

So I have been trying my best to relax. I only wrote a page or so in my script, instead of 1000 words and I have been playing Pokemon Go while taking long relaxing walks. Part of that is my newfound love of VR so please enjoy these products of an hour spent with Tilt Brush.

I should mention that I got my copy of Tilt Brush for free, just because they felt nice and messaged me after I asked where I could follow the individual Tilt Brush developer blogs. Thanks Google!

My favorite one is the glowing plant one at the top. You can probably expect more like this. Tilt Brush beats Quill into the ground for ease of use, for sure, even if they both feel like one copied the other’s homework or something.

In the cold light of dawn, I’m really glad I took the opportunity for a mental health vacation (again) … if anyone wants to know more, you can message me on social media to find out, but I won’t be sharing it here just yet.

Those who know, know.

I could really use some commissions though.

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