It’s been a while since I did a dear diary. So, dear online diary, I am trying to market myself more without being gross and fake. It’s working a bit but with small steps. I am making new friends.

I am going to be on the Shut Up Let’s Talk podcast at 9:30 pm in January 22nd.

I think my romantic partner feels small in my shadow but he has no idea what an enormous support he is for me. How good it feels to hold him, feels his unique skin and smell at the name of his neck. I usually don’t write romances but I might make an exception for Seolin’s story Moonsplit.

I want to write something depressing that turns into this wonderful tale of hope out of total woe. Maybe it’ll leak into my own life.

I just want to capture a measure of that happiness and comfort it brings me. I miss him terribly while I am gone. His song I am writing about us, Obsidian, is the hardest one to really nail that ineffability. I think I give him an inferiority complex because I am so driven right now to make Sparse and he is in the doldrums of depression…

I cracked my phone on one corner. I’m still sad over that.

I am trying to learn guitar.


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