State of the Garden Address

It’s fair to say that it’s been a while since I wrote one of these, as the last time was all the way back on my previous blog over a year ago. This will be an image heavy post so more after the break.


My eggplant has gotten enormous, but has only produced one fruit so far…

Eggplant flowers look like this when blooming.

The eggplant leaves look like this when it is mature.

Butternut squash

The butternut squash neat the eggplant is the only survivor of the dual conquest on my garden by watermelon vines and the aforementioned enormous eggplant shading half of my given plot.

Having recently gotten some new substrate (coconut coir bricks and finding an old stash of dried sphagnum moss for the pitcher plant) I have been on a mission to try repotting snipped off branches and other small plants worth salvaging.

Young banana

This is a young banana tree of some kind (Ladyfingers?) and one of its asexual clones at the base of the plant. I dug it up and stuck it in this pot. Seems to be doing pretty well so far!