Yesterday’s wordcount: 0

Small news: I repotted my pitcher plant. It’s doing well. I still need to do the same for the desert rose. I used coconut coir fiber to repot it. Watermelon sprouts are popping up in the pot again too now. Kale and arugula still growing well.

The weather has turned cooler, but it’s not supposed to rain for the rest of the week. Perfect biking weather.

Despite getting a wake up call from my boyfriend, I slept right through it and got a full night’s sleep. Welp. Not intended, I assure you… in fact, I don’t think I even heard my phone ring.

I have a meeting with the Write Like a Pro group again, and I’m looking forward to that or dreading it. Little bit of both. It means riding the bus, getting presentable and making a list. I also set up a NaNoWriMo meet up at the Winter Haven Public Library prior to the class, but I have no idea if anyone local is going to show today. It would be really nice if they did.

Snail is doing good (full name is Mister Sheldon Smerald the Cuban Land snail). Got a video, but it wasn’t fantastic. I’ll try to take better pics in full sunlight later.

I got a new patron on Patreon and I’m happy about that. I’m also trying to work on setting up my new website. I was able to set up the email server with no problem, but the webhost is another thing entirely. I also have no idea what I’m doing. It’s going to be when it’s all done. So my new business email is now instead of

My lack of art is mostly due to several factors… waiting on an adaptor for my used Cintiq. Not sure where my printer/scanner moved to for scanning traditional art and needing to hook it up and get drivers for my new midsize PC. Waiting for my room to be completely renovated and moved into so I can feel like I belong in it again?

Stuff I want to write about in Sparse:

  • Is Taokexi, Nina’s room-mate, a lesbian? I feel like she might be. I can see her trying to kiss Nina while drunk but Nina turning away in confusion. I am also considering her having history with Zise or Falsebite as well, just in terms of knowing them locally.
  • Lux still needs a family history and few more side stories and a modelsheet.
  • Seolin’s great spell was probably influencing the space whale manabeast to fix the moon. She’s a neat character and I want to return to her.
  • Frell is secretly bribing Steed in the shop with extra lunch bags, but trying to maintain her tough image. Nina busts her.

Stuff I want to write about in Pierce the Ground:

  • Finish out the secret tunnel chapter and write some alternate ways for Diascia to deal with the locked door below, just for fun. Freewrites.
  • Research scientology and building collapses for things related to the setting.
  • Introducing Kalectus to Diascia in the court

I really wish I had picked Sparse for my NaNoWrimo novel instead of trying to revamp at incomplete setting. It would have been so much easier…


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